Looking for clothes that fits can sometimes be quite challenging, unless you are a perfect standard-size. The good news is, the perfect fit is possible, even if you are not that standard.
Because size perfect is your size, the answer is of course made-to-measure if you want to feel and look gorgeous in your own size.

Especially if you want to look your best, without compromising on design, fit and quality.
Treat yourself and try a new experience of indulgence.


Made-to-measure is well adjusted clothes in a good quality. It is an investment - and will last longer.

If you are tempted, I recommend you to make an appointment well in advance, because made-to-measure takes time. An appointment secures you full attention.
Gala- and evening-dresses starts at 750,- cad and wedding dresses starts at 1500,- cad, depending on the look, cut, details and choice of fabric.
By ordering you pay 30% of the price as a deposit, primarily used for fabrics and materials.
For further information, feel free to make an appointment without any obligation and find out about the possibilities, prices and what I can do for you.


It all starts with an appointment, where we take the time to find out what you want and how I can help you.
When we have agreed on a model and a price-range, I am going to take your measures and we´ll make a new appointment.
In the meantime I am going to make your personal pattern, to cut it in silk-paper and make a Muslin/calico. The Muslin/calico is a basic model used for the first fitting.
At the following appointment you have to try on the Muslin/Calico, so I can make the adjustments. We discuss the details and what kind of fabric could be suitable and you´ll have to pay a deposit, for me to use on materials.
The third appointment is the fitting of the Calico with all the adjustments or the final fabric, if the first fit were a success.
At the last appointment we have the fitting of the final result and of course the payment.
By now you´ll be the happy owner of a total unique dress that makes you look gorgeous and feel very special. That is what indulgences is all about.


Would you like to learn how to make your own dress or need assistance in some way ?
I offer sewing-classes for private Design- or Evening-schools in subjects like: From Idea to product, Patternmaking, Sewing technics, Dressmaking and Fittings. Requests are always welcome.
On top, I also offer individual sewing classes/consultations in subjects as: Weddingdresses, Corsets, Cocktail-, Gala- and Eveninggowns, in case you want to do it yourself
I can help you out create your own personal pattern or if you need help  with sewing-technics or fittings.
Price: 60,- cad per. hour for a personal consultation and 90,- cad per hour by two individuals. Discounts by more consultations. Don´t hesitate to contact me and find out what I can do for you.


I offer my expertise as :

-Designer, Patternmaker, Quality-controller to the Fashion Industry, small studios etc.

-Stylists- and Costume-assignments for Teaters and the Film-industry.

-Style Consultant and Advicer for the Media- and Public relation business.

-Fashion Curator for Exhibitions and Museums.

These services are exclusively available through this blog and my website.

If you are interested, do not hesitate to Contact me and make an appointment.