Monday, October 19, 2015


Long time, no see. . . here on the blog. Hope you´re all well.

But since I decided to focus on Pinterest and Instagram I haven´t really been able to maintain this blog.

I will keep this blog open for now, for the content here not to be lost. If you are new to this blog, you will find my personal opinion on various fashion related subjects and projects I have completed. Check the menu for additional info.

Trine posing in show-dress by John Frantsen

At present, my time is merely focused on Instagram, which I find easier to update and maintain.

But, I can´t help wondering a little as I am looking through some of all the Instagram-accounts. . .

-There seems to be this general urge to get as many followers as possible. There is people and companies who offer to help you and even online classes to do that, so you can monetize and become profitable. And apparently they are very popular. . .

I´ve even seen moms, who are in charge of there young kids accounts, to promote and maintain their popularity and to get the attention they probably never had. I can´t help feeling sorry for those kids.

A lot of brands and celebrities are also very popular. I just hope they are conscious about what effect they have and use their influence in a good way.

What YOU should ask yourself before you follow whoever, is, WHY they are there and if you want to support that.

Ultimately you should follow your own dreams - instead of others !

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