Thursday, June 18, 2015


At last a new post here. . .
After moving to Montreal May 1., getting settled and painting our new appartment, I finally got time yesterday to go and see my first exhibition at Musée du costume et du textile du Quebec, at The Bonsecour market.

Always worth a visit, if you are into that kind of thing.

 All photos by John Frantsen

The exhibition Leitmotifs leads us through the most iconic patterns by presenting nearly 100 pieces from the museum’s collection alongside creations by several Québécois guest designers: Betina Lou, Coloré Design, Niapsou Design and Travis Taddeo.

"Whether floral, animal, geometric or figurative, the patterns that grace the surface of fabrics give them personality. Like textile leitmotifs, they reappear over the centuries as the art of printing evolves, pacing fashion through their use on garments and accessories."

Different textile motifs and technics, like Paysley, Chevron, Wax, Tartan, Ikat, Polka dot and Liberty were exsamples.

What surprised me the most though, was all the dresses from Canadian couturier, Arnold Scaasi, a few from Dior and a wrap-dress from Diane von Furstenberg.
Next to the Leitmotifs, it was very interesting to study the design/cuts and bold colours of those.

On top, the exhibition is also displaying hundreds of neckties. Take  a look at it before OCTOBER 25, 2015.

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