Wednesday, June 24, 2015


This exhibition at the Musée McCord here in Montreal is a Must see for everybody who appreciate style and aesthetic. . .
Horst was a creative soul and one of the twentied centery´s most famous photographers.

As I went through this exhibition, I really could relate  to almost every theme and picture I saw.
I couldn´t help thinking how eternal style and aesthetic are. . . to this day, nothing is new - everything has been done before. It´s just a matter of interpretation and consciousness.

Even some of the designs of the "ancient" couturiers would be as contemporary today. . .

The exhibition was very extensive and organised into themes and periods of his life, staged in black and white, except the big Magazine colour-photos, staged in a more minimalistic white enviroment.

 Photo´s by John Frantsen

I couldn´t help, but take a few photo´s without violating any copyrights, I hope - to show you, what you´re missing if you don´t go.

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