Friday, March 27, 2015


-Just opened yesterday at Brandts. An exhibition, I was looking forward to see - but turned out to be quite disappointing. . .

First of all, my good friend, Tinah and I, was really surprised to see the big crowd - people you normally don´t see or notice, that was attending this opening. Where were they coming from ?

I guess it was partly because of the royal dresses and the celebrity-style that was on display. -And because an exhibition like that, doesn´t come to town often.

The Curators selection of celebrity- and royal dresses was very conventional though, as well as the way it was presented. Of course there were nice dresses, but no surprises and no real vision.

Especially the more commercial part of the display with contemporary retail-designers was hided/covered up in different printed/tranparent textile "walls"/compartments. Because the Curators chose to let one of the known fashion designers stage the display. And again -  poorly selection of clothes for the most part, but with a few exceptions.
Some of the Brands even had staff there to tell people that it was their latest collection and it was available in stores now.

Note! - we were surprised to see how disrespectful some people were touching all the clothes. But maybe they are not used to go on exhibitions. . .

What I missed also, was the lack of information: what was special about each brand and putting the clothes into a context of today.

For that I had to look into the exhibition catalouge, where I found one interesting feature from Maria Mackinney-Valentin. Obviously she knows what she is writing about - and is able to reflect and put fashion into context. She had some good points.

Another part of the exhibition displayed 10 different "fashion-personalities" and their relation to fashion - some of which were already shown in a tv-program with Chris Petersen, one of the Curators. A bit uninteresting, I have to admit.

The exposure of himself in the exhibition was also it bit overdone, for my taste.

All in all - We were not impressed and had to poor it all down with a drink afterwards.

But, go and see and judge for yourself.

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