Thursday, January 22, 2015


There is always something going on at The Musée du costume et du textile du Québec, in short MCTQ. Maybe you remember my post from september last year about knitting.

Some exhibitions that I would like to take a look at, if I was there. The first one has been on display for a while, but continues to run until April 18 this year :

"CHIC & CHOC presents sixty garments and accessories chosen for their scintillating beads and sequins, from a Roaring Twenties flapper dress to a stunning Céline Dion concert gown created by Annie Horth.

This journey through the 20th century is a chance to admire glittering pieces by well-known designers, including Quebec fashion stars like Clairette, Lily Simon and Raoul-Jean Fouré. Guest designers Ariane Carle and Rush Couture will both honour us with an exceptional new piece, including one created for the exhibition.

While shining a light on the CHIC, the exhibition includes some wonderful surprises – CHOC´s." 

-And the other Exhibition just opened yesterday.

Remember also to take a look at their hidden reserves here.

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