Sunday, November 02, 2014


Formal pants - no thanks ! It´s just not me. . .
After I regained my ideal weight and went down at least one size - to waist 34/36 length, I went Jeans hunting yesterday - but all in vain!

-At least at my age it seems quite difficult to find a decent pair of jeans. Maybe I´m to picky and looking in the wrong places, partly because I don´t want to pay a fortune.

I find it kind of pathetic to look like a "rockstar" - in skinny jeans at my age. They fit me, but I just don´t like how I´m looking. I´m just wondering if I am the only one who has that problem ?

If not, there is probably a good niche in the jeans-marked here. -Or at least for a more flexible jeans production.

Conclusion - once again, I have to do them myself !

 I will post the result, when I have a pair done - in time.

But at least I found myself a new pair of nice shoes instead, which can be quite difficult too. -It felt so good.

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