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There is a new tendency emerging I think. . .

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- A reaction to fast fashion.

Yesterday I heard that Jean-Paul Gaultier is closing his Prêt-à-Porter line, to focus on Haute couture instead. He apparently is tired of the fast pace of fashion. Creative ideas doesn´t come easy - to really create takes time.

Dries van Noten is another example - that holds on to produce only 2 collections a year, but never the less is very popular. If you want to learn about his inspirations, you can still make it, visiting Les Arts Décoratifs.

When I was in Montreal, I read about a young designer, Jeremy Laing, who launched his label in 2005. He said: - "I want people to collect my pieces. I don’t make disposable fashion. It should last".
But after experiences in fast fashion, he was so frustrated and decided to take a time-out to rethink his role in the fashion world.

The fast fashion industry can be very demanding and stressful, when you have to design and produce 6-8 collections a year.
The Industry says that it is the consumers who demands fast and cheap fashion - but personally I think they created that need to profit from it.

I wish that consumers would be more conscious when they shop for fashion. But the Industry and media also have a big responsibility. Maybe they should rethink, why they are in the fashion business.

Personally I think that quality, enduring values and sustainability will play a major role in the future. It is not enough just to profit from it. It has to make sense too.

You can read more about the subject in Huffington Post and Forbes.

I wrote another post about this issue a few years back. Read more about things like that under  thoughts.
I´m curious to known what you readers think? -if you have any opinion on the subject.

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