Thursday, September 18, 2014


By researching what was going on in the Montreal fashion exhibition scene at the moment, I fell over an intriguing Exhibition at Musee du Costume et du Textile Quebec at the Marche Bonsecours.

I went there today and was pleasently surprised by what I saw.

"Totalement maille! - takes a look back at Quebec fashion from the 70s showing more than 40 colourful and sensual garments by designer and artist, Francine Vandelac.
Challenging past knitwear traditions, her surprising creations were aimed at a young, hip audince and boast a remarkably modern, sexy look."

It was amazing to discover how visionary and inventive knitting was done at that time. A great deal of the models looked very contemporary. The sil- houettes, the yarn and colours - all very inspiring. I was very impressed and can only recommend it, even if you´re not into knitting.

Photos, John Frantsen

But hurry up, if you want to see it. It only runs until october 12.
Remember to visit the virtual exhibition "Fitting Fashions" and discover the hidden treasures of MCTQs Collection by clicking the link on top.

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