Monday, September 29, 2014


Finally back home from Montreal and N.Y., I am able to post about a very interesting exhibition I went to see last thursday at Université de Montréal 

It was about a Créateur de Costume named François Barbeau, born 1935 in Montréal. Apart from being a costume designer, he has worked as a theatre director, artistic director and set designer as well.
Right after his graduation from the Cotnoir Caponi School for haute couture in 1952, he was hired and created costumes for local theatres.
Later on for the Théâtre Botanique in Brussels, the Théâtre Populaire in Strasbourg, the Comédie Française, as well as Cirque de Soleil and many dance- and ballet companies in North america. He has also worked on programs for television and film. -And even at 81, he is still going strong.

Because of copyrights, I was not able to take pictures myself. But I had a nice chat with the host, who was so kind to give me an e-mail address, so I could aquire the pressphotos, which is shown in this post.

The exhibition was of course displayed in a very dramatic way and the best thing was, I could actually touch the costumes, which made up for not taking pictures.
It is always very fascinating to get a closer look for a professional like my self, to see how the costumes are made.

The Janine dress worn by France Castel in the musical theatre «i» from Marc Drouin and François Dompierre, Théâtre musical du Québec, 1998.

Ninetta dresses worn by Louise Turcot in «l’Oiseau vert» of Carlo Goldoni, TNM, 1998.
Corsets for differents productions.

Fabric samples produced at the Laboratoire de recherche du Cirque du Soleil.

Pictures of costumes from «Dralion» (1999) and «Wintuk» (2007) shows of Cirque du Soleil and books research for the Dubai’s project (2009).
First drawing for the Dubai’s project (2009) at Cirque du Soleil.

I think this exhibition deserves to reach a bigger audience, even if it´s only in French. 
Especially if you are a student or a proffesional in a creative field. 
It is "a must see". -And watch out, you might even learn something. I was very inspired. 
Go there before December 7th.

Photocredits: Hugues Poirier  © Centre d'exposition de l'Université de Montréal, 2014

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