Friday, May 30, 2014


 PhotoArt by John Frantsen

Are you living your life or just virtual ? It looks like everybody are there - to make their mark on the internet these days.

Today you have to be every where - you can almost do nothing else, if you want that.

But how to stand out ?
Back then in the days, where it all started, it was probably easier. The numbers of people and companies and the competition were not the same, at all.

Maybe it´s just me who is getting older or getting other priorities. But I just can´t help wondering, if that is what we really want. Do we want to just continue, go further all the time. Is that what life and happiness is all about ? -And how social is social media anyway ?

No - I find the internet rather over rated these days. . . it´s not even safe or trustworthy any more.
Do you wonder - or do you just follow the stream ? Make your mark here today, on my blog ;o)

 PhotoArt by John Frantsen

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