Wednesday, May 07, 2014


Model: Trine, Photo: Karen Relster

"Once upon a time" - there was a small shop, situated in Overgade, Odense. The shop was named, John Frantsen Couture.
There you could have all your dreams, regarding dressing, fulfilled.
The owner, John Frantsen, created made to measure and fulfilled most wishes. He had many nice experiences satisfying the wishes of his customers and of course hopes that it was mutual.

Since then, years went by, where he accordingly changed business name a few times, due to different circumstances.
This might have passed unnoticed, but nevertheless he continued his business from his own private home.

Even though it´s a rarity these days, John is still holding on to his metier, because he is so very passionate about it.

The "shop", where he fulfills the wishes of every individual customer, conscious of style and quality, still exists to this day.

 From the Design Gallery, model Julie shows the newest design. 
Photo: John Frantsen

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