Friday, May 30, 2014


 PhotoArt by John Frantsen

Are you living your life or just virtual ? It looks like everybody are there - to make their mark on the internet these days.

Today you have to be every where - you can almost do nothing else, if you want that.

But how to stand out ?
Back then in the days, where it all started, it was probably easier. The numbers of people and companies and the competition were not the same, at all.

Maybe it´s just me who is getting older or getting other priorities. But I just can´t help wondering, if that is what we really want. Do we want to just continue, go further all the time. Is that what life and happiness is all about ? -And how social is social media anyway ?

No - I find the internet rather over rated these days. . . it´s not even safe or trustworthy any more.
Do you wonder - or do you just follow the stream ? Make your mark here today, on my blog ;o)

 PhotoArt by John Frantsen

Thursday, May 15, 2014


 Photo Art by John Frantsen

Maybe I wrote about this subject before, but nevertheless I find it worth another post.

If you are creative, you are probably familiar with this issue. . . when you get new idéas all the time. Personally I can´t keep up, finishing things before new idéas show up. It´s kind of frustrating, when you find them very present.
As you know, things takes time, when you responsable for every step of the process yourself - especially to execute unique clothes.

But maybe one should get allied with an investor or fashion company, that has the means and the capacity to make things happen ?

In case you are an investor or a big fashion company that are looking for new idéas or something new and interesting to invest in. Take a look around here on my blog and don´t hesitate if you like what you see!

On top I would like to hear from you, if you have any experiences with investors. Feel free to comment ;o)

Wednesday, May 07, 2014


Model: Trine, Photo: Karen Relster

"Once upon a time" - there was a small shop, situated in Overgade, Odense. The shop was named, John Frantsen Couture.
There you could have all your dreams, regarding dressing for every occasion, fulfilled.
As owner and designer, I created made to measure and fulfilled most wishes. I have many good memories and nice experiences with various customers.

Since then, years went by, where I accordingly changed business name a few times, due to different circumstances.
This might have passed unnoticed, but nevertheless I continued my business from my own private home.

Even though it´s a rarity these days, I am still holding on to this metier, because I am very passionate about it.

The "shop", where I am fulfilling the wishes of every individual customer, conscious of style and quality, still exists to this day.

For more info, take a look at the Services at the top-menu or explore the Galleries.

Old customers are very welcome to share their experiences here on my blog. -In what ever language they prefer  ;o)