Friday, April 11, 2014


My latest experience as a correction-tailor in "The biggest bridal shop in Denmark" has ended.

I couldn´t really compromise on my work ethics. I wanted to secure that things were all right, when I have had my hands on them. As you probably know, to do it right, takes time.

But they couldn´t really! Nevertheless the amount of corrections per assignment had to be done in a certain amount of time, to keep the salery-expenses down. In a way understandable, but not always possible.
That´s why it of course takes an experienced seamstress and not a tailor. But then again, I found that out and got some new experience.

Conclusion: I have to get my sketching-paper out and start to design again.

What is your experience ? -Are you still true to your work ethics ?

Evening ensemple by british designer, John Cavanagh, 1954.
Photocredit: John French

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