Sunday, April 06, 2014


Since last, I´ve started at "The biggest Bridal shop in Denmark", as a correction-tailor in their workshop. We are a small team, that takes care of all the corrections from the fittings of the party- and wedding dresses they sell.

I am getting some new experience and already I´ve found out that it is not something I´m going to do forever.
I have just been confirmed in my own assumptions, how quality and price is linked together. You get what you pay for - nothing less, nothing more.

It can be really frustrating to fix corrections, that staff who haven´t got the knowledge to do, have done. It would be much easier to find the right dress in a size as close to the customer as possible. Then the corrections would be easier to do in time.
Even if the shop has the biggest selection, it can be hard, if there is only one of each, especially if the dress you like not is available in the right size.

Simply because, there is a limit for, how far from one´s size you can correct a dress, so  that it´s fitting well without losing all it´s features.
Some corrections can´t simply not be done and others are so complicated, that it takes hours to fix them. Sometimes it´s actually almost faster to do a new dress instead.

 Inspiring weddingdress from the American designer,  
Irene Lentz (1900 - 1962)

Do I need to say that it´s a completely different story to have a measure made dress made.

Here the starting point will be your mesures, your idéas and wishes. You will get a totally unique weddingdress in a good quality, that fits perfect.

If you are interested, read more under Services in the menu.

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