Monday, April 28, 2014


We just came back from a few, but wonderful sunny days in Hamborg. And to my big surprise, there actually were a couple of exhibitions, that I was eager to see.

That is above mentioned: Mythos Chanel  at Museum fur Kunst und Gewerbe. In the description of the exhibition it says :
"She was very selfconscious, independent and businessminded - Coco Chanel was much more than just a fahion Icon.
She revulotionied the female fashion in the beginning of the 20. century, by making it more usable and comfortable.
She raised  "the little black dress" and invented the suit, that since has carri- ed her name. With great outlook, she already launched her own perfume in the 20´ies and completed her brand Chanel with additional fashion acces- soires.
The exhibition displayes on top of 70 original creations, many examples by Karl Lagerfeld, that since1983 have kept the rich in tradition fashionhouse Chanel, up to date." 

 Photo: Daniel Clément

Very fascinating exhibition, that only can be recommended. Especially be- cause you actually could get close enough to the clothes, to see how they were made. The exhibition runs until the 18. of may 2014.

We bought a "combiticket", that also gave us access to Hamborg Kunsthalle, where they by "coincidenc" displayed an exhibition, called Feuerbachs Mu- sen - Lagerfelds Models.

Here was a comparation between artist Anselm Feuerbach (1829-80) and Karl Lagerfeld searching to actualize an eternal beauty, based in the Antique ideal.
The overall theme of the exhibition was the Cult of beauty, that makes the model to an Icon. This exhibition runs until the 15. of june 2014.

  Photos: SIK-ISEA (P. Hitz) og Karl Lagerfeld, Moderne Mythologie, 2013, 
(Ausschnitt), © 2013 Karl Lagerfeld

Very interesting, if you are interested in those problems. But also if you´re interested in seeing how a  multitalented Lagerfeld works with art. Check out older posts about Lagerfeld here and there.

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Efter mine egne erfaringer med ETSY og Amino, har jeg gjort mig nogle tanker om butikker online.

På Etsy, er der virkelig store prisforskelle på produkterne, alt efter hvor i verden de er produceret. Der er ingen tvivl om at det er svært for os her i vesten at konkurrerer på prisen med varer som er produceret i østen.

Selvfølgelig har de heller ikke den samme timeløn, som vi har her. Et andet konkurrence parameter er selvfølgelig kvaliteten, som også hænger sammen med timelønnen. Her er det for mig at se ikke tale om den samme kvalitet. Men prisen på deres varer, skal selvfølgelig passe til deres hjemmemarkeder.

Prismæssigt er der selvfølgelig ikke så meget at miste, hvis du køber en varer fra østen og den ikke lever op til forventningerne. Jeg ville dog nok tøve lidt med at bestille en kjole, der er lavet i østen, hvis jeg vil være sikker på pasformen.
Det gælder selvfølgelig også den anden vej og til en væsentlig højere pris. Der kan vores priser måske virke uopnåelige.

Signalværdien er dog ikke til at tage fejl af, hvis de vil have kunder fra vesten. Man kan også sælge sine varer for billigt. For i vesten forventer vi at prisen hænger sammen med kvaliteten.
Det er så vores fordel. Vi må konkurrerer på kvaliteten i design, håndværk, materialer og service ikke mindst.
Men på en måde kan du være nok så international på internettet. Det er langt fra alle steder, der kan handle sammen, når økonomierne er så forskellige.

Hvad synes du og hvilke erfaringer har du med at handle ovennævnte eller tilsvarende steder ?

 Billeder fra jubilæumsudstilling 2010, Fotos: Daniel Clément

Friday, April 11, 2014


My latest experience as a correction-tailor in "The biggest bridal shop in Denmark" has ended.

I couldn´t really compromise on my work ethics. I wanted to secure that things were all right, when I have had my hands on them. As you probably know, to do it right, takes time.

But they couldn´t really! Nevertheless the amount of corrections per assignment had to be done in a certain amount of time, to keep the  salery-expenses down. In a way understandable, but not always possible.
That´s why it of course takes an experienced industry-sewist and not a tailor. But then again, I found that out and got some new experience.

Conclusionen: I have to get my sketchingpaper out and start to design again.

What is your experience ? -Are you still true to your work ethichs ?

Evening ensemple by british designer, John Cavanagh, 1954.
Photocredit: John French

Sunday, April 06, 2014


Since last, I´ve started at "The biggest Bridal shop in Denmark", as a correc- tion-tailor in their workshop. We are a small team, that takes care of all the corrections from the fittings of the party- and weddingdresses they sell.

I am getting some new experience and already I´ve found out that it is not something I´m going to do forever.
I have just been confirmed in my own assumptions, how quality and price is linked together. You get what you pay for - nothing less, nothing more.

It can be really frustrating to fix corrections, that staff who haven´t got the knowledge to do, have done. It would be much easier to find the right dress in a size as close to the customer as possible. Then the corrections would be easier to do in time.
Even if the shop has the biggest selection, it can be hard, if there is only one of each, especially if the dress you like not is available in the right size.

Because, there is a limit for, how far from one´s size you can correct a dress, so it´s fitting well without losing it´s features.
Some corrections can´t simply not be done and others are so complicated, that it takes hours to fix them. Sometimes it´s actually almost faster to do a new dress instead.

 Inspiring weddingdress from the American designer,  
Irene Lentz (1900 - 1962)

Do I need to say that it´s a completely different story to have a measure made dress made.

Here the starting point will be your mesures, your idéas and wishes. You will get a totally unique weddingdress in a good quality, that fits perfect.

If you are interested, read more under Services in the menu.