Friday, January 10, 2014


Hello out there! I´m back. . .

-In case you wonder what I have been up to since my last post. First of all, around Christmas and New Years Eve, I was hit by a virus for almost 14 days. On top, I had to clear my workroom, to make room for a Canadian visitor, staying 14 days.

Now everything is back to normal and I have to get on with different pro- jects. So what are my plans for this year?
First of all, I went through my stock and decided that I have to use at least some of it, before buying new stuff. Right now I am doing a winter jacket for my partner.
Apart from that, I´m open for new orders and assignments - Anyone ? Check out my Services.

This year, I would really like to get some of my designs out there, to be more visible. Also for our common project, Design Galleriet. So I/we are looking for display-windows and ultimately our own workshop/ showroom, where we can be more creative and productive and sell our designs.

Maybe you have some rooms or know someone who has ? Please think of us then.

What about you? Anything to share?

PhotoArt by John Frantsen 2014