Thursday, January 16, 2014


Juliana Moore in Cannes 2013, Photo: Pool

When you look at my last post about The Golden Globes, it is a fascinating world. . . sort of a dreamworld really. -And a very seductive one.
It is very easy to get captured like that and by all the things that is going on in the fashion world; you want to be part of it and start to aspire for more. It´s only natural I think, because everybody wants to succeed.

It all made me think of, what it takes to get there. . . and is it something worth striving for at all. I mean, we can´t be famous actors or designers all of us.

According to all the Media and "Reality"-shows these days, it seems like, especially young people think they have to live through the Media to be someone or something. It´s a bit scary.

I have to say - of course it is possible to be happy and content, without being famous. We just need to dream to keep our hopes up, but at the same time be realistic and think about our potential and strenghts.
That might show us the right way. As long as you don´t forget what got you started and hold on to that. Sooner or later you will succeed.

Actually I just need to look at my self. . .
-Initially it began, when I was looking for clothes back then. Since I couldn´t find anything that I liked, I began to create my own. I made quite a few experiments, finding satisfaction in this process, and finally decided to study and make a career out of it.

Why and what made you go into fashion ? Share your experience and have a fabulous day out there.

I wrote about what I think it takes in previous.Take a closer look at Thoughts and Background in my Labels, if you like posts like this.

Actress Zhang Yugi in Cannes 2013, Photo: Loic Venance