Tuesday, October 29, 2013


 -A teaser by "En Duo", our new concept.

Just to reassure you all, I´m still here. . .  and something is going on.

We are working on some new autumn/winter items and will soon launch our new blog/showroom, where you eventually will be able to purchase some of them. . .

When it´s up, we will offer you all the chance to win an item of your own choice, if you pay us a visit and leave a comment. So stay tuned!

Notice! The new blog is only in danish, so far.

Friday, October 04, 2013


PhotoArt by John Frantsen 2013

We were already excited about our newly found location, but things took another turn again. We changed our minds after we had read the Contract.

Even though the location was perfect - a nice sized shop with a workshop and a big window display, the conditions of the rent and terms, were not in our favour. 

So we decided to change our focus and will now concentrate on our pro- duction and build up a new blog with all that we have to offer. So stay tuned, if you are up for special offers in the future.