Wednesday, September 18, 2013


                                                                                         Coco Chanel

THE STYLE GALLERY - Is the name of our coming workshop/showroom situated here in Odense.
Like I have mentioned before, it will be a place where you will be able to find something special that you won´t find anywhere else.
We will offer our new collection of unique pieces, measure made designs, art and photography. Take a look at The Dress Gallery to get an idea.

In the making we are also looking for other creative people, that for the amount of 500,- per month, can sell their creations - it can be fashion- and jewellerydesign, accessoires, art etc., that fits our concept. Maybe you know someone ?

We are of course looking for Style Sponsors and -Contributors too. Sponsors who believe in our concept and wants to support a business like ours in the making. . .
There will be different levels of contributing, so that whatever you choose to contribute with, you will always get rewarded somehow:

Amounts up till 200,- will always be deducted your next purchase. 

If you want to contribute 500,- or more, there will be benefits on top of the deduction, like invitations for special events.

For even bigger contributions, you will get a discount on every purchase you make.

Another way of getting benefits, is to sign up and become a true Style-Member for 500,- yearly, you will be the first to know about special offers and events, by a monthly newsletter.

Please comment if you have any questions.
Sign up and become a Style Contributor via contact.

Update! April 2018. This project no longer exist, due to different circumstances.

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