Friday, August 23, 2013


Do you bother how your blog looks or are you just in it for the money ? When I look at different blogs I often wonder. . . But usually it is always easy to see what motivates bloggers. . .
When there is a lot of commercial banners, payed reviews and ads, it is obvi- ous why they blog. It often ruins the aesthetic or layout of the blog, I think.

I´m not against making money out of blogging, but I don´t think it should be the primary reason. You should only blog if you have something relevant to say or show.

Personally I enjoy aesthetic blogs more. They are often more inspiring, con- scious, dedicated and have a vision they want to share as well as the inter- acting with other bloggers.

I would like to know what motivates you and how you find the right balance ?


vabna islam said...

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John Frantsen said...

Thanks for your comment, Vabna. I´m using Google too, but it doesn´t seem to generate very much.
But on the other hand, I´m not exactly blogging for money. . .Maybe I should ;o)

Aesthetics in killarney said...
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