Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Remember my wish last year ?  My wish is finally coming true. . .

Model: Trine Bolander
Photo: John Frantsen

A new chapter is about to start. I have been given the opportunity to start a brand new workshop with my dear friend, Rikke.
The workshop is situated not far from where I live. In the big basement of a shop at the end of Kongensgade, here in Odense, with actual access for the public.
Maybe not an obvious choice, but the basement is big and has a nice view from the street. I´m definately looking forward to be more visible and available again.  -And to cooperate with the shop on top.

We will offer a brand new collection of One-of-a-kind items, our own designs and eventually paintings and photoart.

If you are looking for something special and unique, you might find it. We are looking forward to see you there ;o) Different events is coming up, so stay tuned.

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