Monday, July 22, 2013

LACROIX IS BACK - for now!

Christian Lacroix is making a comeback as the first Couturier of The House of Schiaparelli. That is great news. 
Christian Lacroix founded his Couture House in 1987. But was unfortunately forced to close it down back in 2009. I was a big fan back then. He was very bold, refreshing and inspiring.

Elsa Sciaparelli was a very influential designer in the fashion world of her time. She was the first one to use things like zippers and newspaper prints in clothes.
"We want to continue the fact that she was always working with artists," says Farida Khelfa, the Ambassador of Schiaparelli. This explains the merge of Schiaparelli and Christian LaCroix, a master of Couture. 

Lacroix for Schiaparelli Couture Fall 2013 - A one-off Collection

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Photo: Daniel Clément

As you probably have discovered I haven´t been posting for a while due to vacation and other things I had to attend.
But anyway I am very happy to see that my changing "mosaic-layout" still makes you explore my blog.

The last two weeks of vacation was spent in Denmark for a change. . . The first one mainly in our garden, relaxing and of course doing some gardening - there is always things to maintain. Apart from that, visiting old friends, familyparties- and tours, brunches etc.
The second week we drove to the west coast of Denmark, visiting beaches and staying at different hotels. Luckily the weather was excellent.

Photos: John Frantsen

Now it is back to work and all my different projects that has been on hold. As always I´ll post when I have something to tell.
Wish you all A Happy summer.