Wednesday, June 26, 2013


If you are into fashion and going to France for vacation this summer, you have to visit The Dior Museum in Granville.

Villa Les Rhumbs, where he spent his childhood, are displaying some of Christian Dior´s creations and photographs of his garden, revealing the extent to which Dior was inspired by the natural enviroment and the themes of light and reflections, just like the Impressionist movement was. 

If I´ve got the possibility I would defenitely go!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I know I´ve been absent for a while. . . But with good reason. Remember some time ago, I wrote about a collaboration with my friend Rikke.
We wanted to create something different. A collection that stood out. A very simpel and artistic collection, where you can mix different items, colours and cuts. Made primarily in naturfibres, like linen, viscose and silk.

Well, it´s coming alive, slowly. . . we are working on some prototypes, that is going to bee produced eventually.
By the way, do any of you readers have experience with production. If so, I would like to hear about it. Also if you would like to model some of the Items.

We are going to Give Away an Item of your own choice in time, so stay tuned. Here is a little teaser!

Photos: John Frantsen

Wednesday, June 05, 2013


In 1987 I attended a sewing-course at The School of Arts and Craft / Fagskolen, which gave me a basic introduction to pattern making and sewing.

Years later in 1996 I was living in Copenhagen, when a new Formal Education was launched in my home town, Odense. The College of Arts and Crafts had added a new department, specializing in couture. I decided to focus on one thing from then on and applied, was accepted and moved back.

The three years I spent there specializing in couture, costume. . .  encouraged by passionate teachers, gave me confidence to start my own business.

A business offering Couture, Custom made and Bridal, where every single step, from appointments, measurements, design, pattern making, fittings to executing the dresses always have been handled by me, to secure the satisfaction of  my customers. For my full resume, take a look at the top-menu.

The Teachers: Karin-Lisse, Gitte and Elise.

Unfortunatly the Government at that time decided that, there were too many creative Institutions in Denmark and closed most of the Colleges down some years later.

Readers, do you know the Teachers ? Share your experience, thoughts and memories if you have any. Have a nice day out there.