Wednesday, April 03, 2013


Long time no see! -due to our project, a commisions and other distractions. . .

In the mean time a little story about my past, that I would like to share with you readers. Recently I went through my archive of old projects and stumbled over this assignment.

Before my formal education, I attended a computer-course at INDesign in Copenhagen, as mentioned in this post.

Design and photos: John Frantsen
Model: Rikke

Actually this small romantic collection was the result of our last assignment at the computer-course. The collection contains five pieces, that can be combined in different ways. It´s made of a transparent cotton and a more structured polyester We had to use all the technics and programs we went through for a Presentation.

INDesign still exist today, if you need to learn or be upgraded about computer programs used in the fashion industry. But only as online-courses.