Friday, March 15, 2013


The retrospective Valentino exhibition at Somerset House was also quite an experience. . . It looked very impressive the way the dresses were lined up as an audience.
But that meant that we, the audience had to zig zag down the catwalk or walk aginst the stream of people, if you decided to look at one side first.
So there was no way to get around and study the dresses.

From this retrospective selection I noticed the lack of consistency and cohesiveness, maybe because it was displayed by theme instead of chrono- logical.

No doubt that Valentino is a Master of Couture. His dresses are very feminine, elegant and impeccable made, though to intricate sometimes.
I must admit I was not that impressed by his designs, except the early ones. They had a certain style to them. But that is as always a matter of taste.

Have a nice weekend out there everyone.

Photos: Daniel Clément

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