Monday, March 18, 2013


Remember "I dream of Jeannie" with Barbara Eden ?
- one of my favourite tv-shows when I was young.

-Because as far as I can see, there is quite a lot of people around the world who is popping by my blog, without leaving any reaction to my posts. But maybe they are just here by accident. . .

But, you know. . . I´m not just posting to post. I´m only posting when I have something relevant to say or to share. I am doing this because I can´t help it. It´s my passion and I hope to inspire.

When you pop by, even by accident! - I urge you to explore and leave some kind of reaction.

Feel free to comment, or mail me if you want to collaborate, contribute or have any questions or inquiries.
Last, but not least, remember to push one of  the +1, tweet- or facebook buttons at the bottom of every post, if you like what you see. Sharing is caring and always very appreciated.

Thanks !

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