Thursday, January 31, 2013


Readers! - You are not forgotten. I am still here! Though I have been busy with different jobs, meetings and preparations for a future project. Sometimes reality takes over - you know ;o)

Freja Dalsjö

The Show season is on. From today Copenhagen Fashion Week is up and running until sunday. Unfortunatly it was not possible for me to be there. 

But from what I saw on the net today, I would like to mention a very talented newcomer, Freja Dalsjö and veteran Benedikte Utzon with her new line, Est. 1995 as well as a furcollection for Great Greenland. Both very contemporary and refreshing.

As usual DR K has dedicated time to report from fashion week and showing designer-portraits, that actually can be very rewarding to look at, if you dream about entering the fashion world. 
When you look at Karl Lagerfeld Confidential and the portrait of British designer, Paul Smith for example, you will see very different approaches to fashion. . .

From the latest runway in Paris I think Raf Simons, Galliano´s successor at Dior made a brilliant job. A simple and romantic collection, true to the heritage, but in his own way. Especially the short pastel colourblocked cocktaildresses were nice.

I also kind of liked Stephane Rolland´s Collection for spring/summer 2013. Very seductive future godesses, that reminded me of Montana and Mugler, but elegant and contemporary.  

Stephane Rolland

Follow these links to keep up and see what´s coming next :
Milano - Camera Moda, 10/1 - 9/2
New York - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, 7 - 14/2
London - Fashion Week, 15 - 19/2
Paris - Ready to wear, 26/2 - 6/3

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Photo credit: Karl Lagerfeld for Harper´s Bazaar 2011,
 reworked in Photoshop

I have changed my Blog layout - Let me know what you think.
Here on the right there is now a sliding iconbar with pictures and links that describes About me, what I can offer. . . like Customer service, Dressgallery, Consultations and classes etc. It works differently in Crome and Explorer though.

In addition to that, I have decided to offer Personal Consultations that suits you. If  you want discretion or you don´t have the possibility or time to pay me a visit, I can offer you a visit at your home.

Orders are very welcome, but I can also offer you help in patternmaking, sewing technics and fittings.

I wish you all a very nice weekend and hope you did like my new Layout and can only encourage you to explore all the new features.

Update! - the lay-out has changed a few times since this post.


There were a lot of "Nude", red and black dresses at the 70th Golden Globe last week.
Some more flattering than others. Some actresses had very bad offers or guidance by their stylists. Either the wrong color, a bad fit or style.
But anyway, let´s concentrate on who stood out. In my opinion the best  dressed were. . .

 -Actress Anne Hathaway sleek and elegant in a simple sequin gown from Chanel.

 Actress Mayim Bialik, from "The Big Bang Theory" looking gorgeous in an embellished gown from Tirani Couture.

 Actress, singer and producer Connie Britton looking glamourous in a KaufmanFranco sequin gown.

 Actress, film director and screenwriter Helen Hunt looking very elegant and contemporary in a gown from Dolce & Gabbana.

Model, television and film actress Jessica Alba looked beautiful in a salmon-colored Oscar de la Renta gown.

But take a look for yourself here and see if you agree. Photos from Getty Images.

Monday, January 14, 2013


Unfortunately  "A Royal Affair" didn´t win any Golden Globes, but there is still a chance at The Oscars in february. The danish movie is nominated in the category, Best Foreign Language Film at the 85th Academy Awards in Los Angeles.

The film by Nikolaj Arcel, produced in 2012, is based on a periodic drama that took place at the Court in Denmark around 1769-72.

It´s a story that focuses on the romance between the Danish Queen Caroline Matilda (1751-75) - and the Germean Count Johann Friedrich von Struensee, the Royal Physician of mentally ill King Christian VII of Denmark and Norway  (1749-1808).

J.F. Struensee, managed through his influence on the King to reform the country in many ways, but was eventually overthrown and executed in 1772.

Christian VII's and Caroline Mathilde marriage was dissolved and she was deported back to Germany.

 The Queen and Struensee playing chess, while the king is teasing a parrot.

 The King is looking at Struensee and the Queen, holding their daugther.

King Christian VII

Monday, January 07, 2013


Sketch by John Frantsen

Worn Through book Give-away contest winners!

After reviewing the impresssive entries of your costume and fashion sketches, it is with great pleasure that I congratulate the winner of Worn Through´s book give-away contest: Rachel Pollock. Your prize is a review copy of Deborah Nadoolman Landis´latest book, Hollywood Sketchbook: A Century of Costume Illustration.

A very close runner-up is John Frantsen, who will receive a collection of costume design sketch greeting cards.

Your illustrations were wonderful, you should be very proud. Please reply to this email with your respective addresses so I can mail you your well-deser- ved prizes within the next week.

Thank you for participating in the Worn Through community, and best of luck with your future fashion endeavors!

Tove Hermanson, Fashion Culturalist

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