Friday, December 21, 2012


- Are you an Original or a Copycat ?
An issue, I have been thinking about for a while. . . here are a few thoughts.

Montreal 2011, Photo: John Frantsen

-It started out with some comments on my blog.
Obviously some people/companies is commenting as a strategy. They just leave standard comments to leave a link back to their own Online-shop. . . 
They seem to forget, if someone Googles them, a link to my blog with their comments shows up. Of course, if I don´t want to be associated with them, I delete their comments.

I also find it a bit problematic with copyrights of pictures these days. There is so many pictures out there and I try to credit whenever it´s possible. But with Google and Pinterest for example, it just looks like people take whatever they need. And some blogs even put their own signature on the pictures they find. I think it is so easy to copy - maybe too easy!

Maybe it comes as a surprise, but copying are also a discipline in the fashion world. Because to produce and sell clothes from the rack like some of the major players today, there is no time for original designs.

As of yesterday, I was sorry to hear that "Fashion is My Muse"-blogger just announced she lost her passion for blogging, because of Copyright pro- blems. That is sad.

I wish people would have that much self respect, to respect Copyrights and show credit where credit is due - whenever possible.

Are YOU an original or a copycat ? -And what are your thoughts about this subject ? - If you have any. . .

In spite of all this, I´m happy to see new followers and wish you all happy holidays and a Wonderful Christmas. For more post like this, look into my labels.