Monday, December 31, 2012


Another year went by. . .
I wish all my friends, followers and everybody else, who just pops by: Love, Happiness, Prosperity, Recognition and Succes for the coming year. May all your dreams come true. Hope to see you again in 2013.

PhotoArt by John Frantsen

Friday, December 28, 2012


Towards the end of 2012, The Fashion-houses of Paco Rabanne (1934- ) and Guy Laroche (1921-89) seems to have been revitalized.
I were quite impressed by their Fall/Winter collections earlier this year - they looked very contemporary. Here a few pics to illustrate. . .

Paco Rabanne SS2012

That Manish Arora, the Indian Avant-garde designer, actually managed to reintroduce the Spanish  Fashion-house, Paco Rabanne also surprised me. . . Because his own line of clothes are very bold and flamboyant. See my previous post on him here.

The Paco Rabanne SS2012-collection reminded me more of Thierry Mugler updated, but his take on FW2012-13 was more like it. . . the Paco Rabanne spirit. Unfortunately he was only assigned for one year.

Photos from:, and

But let´s see, if their new Artistic Director, Lydia Maurer can keep up. The SS2013-collection was an attempt, but not very convincing.

Marcel Marongiu, who was appointed for Guy Laroche in 2007, challenged himself by doing something unexpected for the Fall/Winter 2012 Collection, using a strict colourpalette and mixing new materials, so it ended up in a very nice and cohesive collection.

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Friday, December 21, 2012


-An issue, I have been thinking about for a while. . . here are a few thoughts.

Montreal 2011, Photo: John Frantsen

-It started out with some comments on my blog.

Obviously some people/companies is commenting as a strategy. They just leave standard comments to leave a link back to their own Online-shop. . . 
They seem to forget, if someone Googles them, a link to my blog with their comments shows up. Of course, if I don´t want to be associated with them, I delete their comments.

I also find it very problematic with copyrights of pictures these days. There is so many pictures out there and I try to credit whenever it´s possible. But with Google and Pinterest for example, it just looks like people take whatever they need. And some blogs even put their own signature on the pictures they find. I think it is so easy to copy - maybe too easy!

Maybe it comes as a surprise, but copying are also a discipline in the fashion world. Because to produce and sell clothes from the rack like some of the major players today, there is no time for original designs.

As of yesterday, I was sorry to hear that "Fashion is My Muse"-blogger just announced she lost her passion for blogging, because of Copyright problems. That is sad.

I wish people would have that much self respect, to respect Copyrights and show credit where credit is due - whenever possible.

Are YOU an original or a copycat ? -And what are your thoughts about this subject ? - If you have any. . .

In spite of all this, I´m happy to see new followers and wish you all happy holidays and a Wonderful Christmas. For more post like this, look into my labels.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


The 50 anniversary Exhibition of Agent 007 alias James Bond at The Barbican Centre in London has now moved on to Toronto and will also show in Shanghai next year.

But I would like to present Countess Tracy di Vicenzo, played by Diana Rigg  "On her Majesty´s Secret Service" in 1969. She is the only Bond-girl who ever married James Bond, played by George Lazenby, though it only lasted to the end of the movie, where she was killed.
Maybe some of you also remember her as Emma Peel in the cult British television series The Avengers. I was a big fan back then.

Since I have been especially fascinated by the 60´ies style in some of the first Bond Movies, I would like to show her bold wedding-outfit from the movie, as an inspiration for coming brides.

I think it was the very contemporary style and the attitude that made this decade so influental in fashion until this day.

 Photos from Google Images

Friday, December 14, 2012


Here a few more examples of wearable outfits, that are comfortable and elegant at the same time, depending on your type and what kind of accessories you wear with it. . .

-This smooth kimono silk-top with a classic pencilskirt could be worn for New years Eve, a Reception or a Night out.

-This monochrome pink dress could be worn for work, a more informal event or even Christmas.
Design, execution and photos: John Frantsen

Thursday, December 06, 2012


Just to show something is going on, when I´m off-line. . . Here is a glimpse of the project that I am working on with a colleague at the moment. We would like to know what you think about this simpel color-blocked design.

 Design, execution and photos: John Frantsen