Thursday, November 08, 2012


  Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton Spring 2013

-Is the Question. . .
Even though the big fashion-houses mainly are using their Haute Couture Collections to brand their name and get some attention from the media, to sell perfumes and accessoire, I hardly see anyone in their Prêt-à-porter clothes.

After taking a look at the latest collections at, I´ve been thinking about todays fashion and have noticed the big contradiction between the showpieces and what people actually wear.
When you look at how people dress in the streets on a daily basis, it is very basic, more practical and loose fitted outfits than on the catwalks.

But nevertheless the collections were quite inspiring. Rikke and I were ama- zed to see that our approach were quite similar to what is going on. I especi- ally liked Gucci.

The High Street Brands gets inspiration from these shows to do more afford- able clothes for the mass-marked.

But we are going to challenge that, to make affordable and wearable qua- lity design, to keep and wear more than one season! Wouldn´t that be nice?

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