Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Todays issue is to important to pass unnoticed.
As a major player in fashion you can´t just Cash In, you have to be respons- able for your products.

The danish fashion-company Bestseller with the brands Vero Moda, ONLY and Jack & Jones, is being blamed by Greenpeace, for producing products contai- ning chemicals, that can affect the health of the consumers.

Eleven out of 14 products that were investigated by Greenpeace contained NPE/Nonylphenol Ethoxylates, a chemical that tranforms into NP/Nonylphe- nol and can disturb the balance of hormones, not only of consumers, but also the workers and population of the countries, where the production is taking place.

The Governments in these countries has a responsibility as well, to create a safer enviroment for their workers and populations.

Even though Bestseller, H&M, Adidas, Abercrombie  Fitch etc. demand the sup- pliers not to use these pruducts, it is hard to control what is going on so far away.
The competition of the suppliers are strong, so they are probably using the cheapest dye and so on.
These populations also looks here and wants a higher salery. . . so the ques- tion is, if Bestseller and other fashion-companies can demand them to stop, without paying more for their products.

I think this gives even more reason for the companies to move back the pro- duction. . . as I wrote in this previous post.
It will be much easier for the fashion-companies in terms of communication, productioncontrol and logistic. On top, it would create more jobs here.

In return the governments should make it more attractive for the Companies to stay by giving them better conditions.

Do YOU care or you just want cheap clothes?

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