Monday, October 29, 2012


Have you ever wondered how and where creative people get their ideas from?

For me it works like this. . . the starting point of an idea is often inspirations from impressions or a dream, a wish or simply a need to change or make so- mething better.

-And when I first get started, the ideas come floating, one after the other. It´s a process that gets started. I have posted about related issues, like creating and inspirations before. Check it out in my Labels.

A model posing, a style, cut, colours and textures are some of the things that inspires me. Here Balenciaga Now and Then.

In general, creative people are probably more sensitive or aware of what is going on. . . and try to make sense out of it by being creative.

We are maybe more open to impression/inspirations of all kind and have this urge to express ourselves by interpretating and put our version out there. Do you agree ?


Tanja Lookbook said...

Jeg kan virkelig godt lide bloggen. Gode billeder, og layoutet er også ret cool!

John Frantsen said...

Hej Tanja,

Tak for din kommentar, som jeg først lige har opdaget.
Du har selv en fin blog ;o)