Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Dear readers! There is no excuse. . . I have had other things on my mind, than keeping up my blog. But you are not forgotten. I have a few drafts waiting to be finished. . .

Meanwhile I´ve had a nice meeting about a new project/collaboration coming up with my friend, Rikke.
I´ve been busy going through my archive of patterns, designing and planning a few new dresses. Since I have promised my niece to make her a galadress for next month, I decided that I might as well use her as a model.
She wants a long simpel dress with a cowl back, but I am not sure of which fabric I´m going to choose.

The choice is about one of these washed silks, burned orange or gold. Or this turquoise green silk velvet or crushed velvet. . . She liked all of them. What do you think ?

Oh ! -just for you to know, today I went down at Profil Optik to rearrange and change a few of the dresses displayed, for people to see something is going on. Some of the new dresses might also go on display, so pop by, take a look and give me some feedback.



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John Frantsen said...

Thanks ;o) I will.
-You got your message through also.