Friday, July 06, 2012

ONE | Outfits from a New Era

I was recommended to take a look at this exhibition at the Biosphere, while I am staying here in Montreal. It was very inspiring, interesting and too important to ignore. So I wanted to share this experience with you all.

The "ONE | Outfits from a New Era" - exhibition showcases 16 artistic creations made from mass consumption products. This challenge was taken up by artists from the fields of cabinet making, jewelry, hair styling, fashion design and the visual arts.
These unique creations present car parts, batteries, salmon skins, electronic waste and other cast-offs from our society, in a whole new light. They give tangible form to statistics concerning the impacts of consumer goods that are used then thrown away."

The creations was accompanied by art videos and soundtracks from the Canadian music scene and bits of autographed garbage from Canadian public figures, such as Robert Lepage, Julie Payette, George Stroumboulopoulos and Guy A. Lepage, used in each creation.

Dress made of 2,500 light bulbs, 66 meters of stripped copper wire from speakers.

Dress made of 200 biodegradable and oxo-biodegradable bags, 90 plastic bags.

Dress made of 2,000 shotgun shells, fabric.

Dress made of 97 salmon skins, 300 meters of fishing line, 40 mussel shells.

Dress made of 40 airbags, 2 headrests, 2 seatbelts, 1 piece of carpet, leather from 2 car seats, 1 tire, 1 baby car seat buckle.

Dress made of 6,800 pill bottles.

Dress made of 75 cans, 1,114 stainless steel rings.

Dress made of fibers from 2 TV packages, 1 poutine container, 2 coffee cups, 1 street vacuum bag.

Dress of 1,796 pages selected from 78 books, milled paper, sheet of wood, linen rope, binders, typewriter parts.

Kostume made of 4 sweaters, 7 pairs of jeans, 100 buttons.

Statement-dress made of 54 pieces of asphalt shingles, 8 sheets of plywood, 20 nails.

 Dress made of 800 meters of video tape, 800 meters of audio tape, 2,000 slides, 2 seconds of 35 mm film.

Kostume made of 36 computer mice, 120 cables, half of a computer keyboard.

Dress made of 208 locks of hair, 1 hairstyling cape, 1 pair of used boots.

Statement-dress made of 1,200 batteries.

Jacket made of 1 piece of canvas, 1 piece of nylon, 200 pieces of adhesive. To involve visitors, you could ad pieces of adhesive to this One.

All photos by John Frantsen

"These extraordinary thematic sets give pause and illustrate some of the major environmental issues we face today.
We hope that O.N.E. Outfits from a New Era will inspire you to find creative ways of transforming different materials, your own way of life, and the planet"

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