Thursday, July 26, 2012


The Winner of my Easter-GIVE AWAY, will soon be announced.
Even though, I only reached 40 followers by now - THANK YOU ALL - I´ve decided to pick the winner of my Easter-GIVE AWAY next week.

You still have a chance, if you didn´t sign up and comment yet, !!! Only followers who comment are IN!

The corset is made of silk, lined, boned and closed with a lace. The size is about a 38-40 (european), 12/14(UK/USA) and has a value of 3000,- or 403,- euro.


Majken said...

What a lovely corset :) - hope to vin it :)

Helle R said...

I hope to win it too <3<3<3

Helle R said...
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