Sunday, June 03, 2012


Since I have closed my profiles on Facebook, I´m going to show the first 4  "One-of-a-kind" dresses I have on offer here on my blog.

Because I need more room for new dresses, some time ago I went through the racks of dresses that have been there for a while.

All dresses are quite classic in bright colours and special fabrics. But since I want to have more cohesiveness in the selection - they are too different.

They can be yours for half the price, if you are the right size.

Brocade corset and silkorgandy skirt. Size 40. Before 3000,- Now 1500,-

Dupion silk underlined with silkorgandy. Size 40. Before 4800,- Now 2400,-

Red velvet. Size 38. Before 4000,- Now 2000,-

Brocade cocktaildress. Size 42. Before 2000,- Now 1000,-

Notice! -This is just a part of the selection. The sizes are european and the prices are in danish currency.

If you or somebody you know are interested, don´t hesitate to make an appointment to take a look and try them on.