Wednesday, June 20, 2012


- Is todays question.
I originally started out with a small shop in Overgade here in Odense, that I had for three years. . . Since then I have worked from various Ateliers at different locations/homes.

Photos: John Frantsen

There is of course advantages and disadvantages either way. . . and I am talking from experience.

In a shop you get exposed all the time, which is very crucial when you´re new and want customers.
On the other hand, it limits you, because you are not able to produce what you are selling at the same time you have to take care of the customers.

I decided to move my business home, to gain more time to design and produce clothes, to be able to pay more attention to customers with an appointment and of course to save some expenses.
The only thing is that you loose exposure and don´t get the attention, be- cause you are not visible in the same way.

As you are starting out, you´ll have to find out WHO and WHERE your potential customers are, to be right on target. It is as important as the product!

To survive on a limited budget you need to be clever. You need to get some attention somehow or you might as well give up and close down.

What to do if you do not have a shop ? - advertise, be on the internet, write newsletters, participate in events, dress celebrities and so on.

I hope you found these advices useful somehow.

I´m curious. . .
As a customer, what would you prefer ? Do you prefer ready-made clothes and a big selection to choose from or exclusivity and service?

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