Thursday, May 31, 2012


My mothers pale blue weddingdress with white lace and beautiful rose detailing from Lilly is 50 years old, but looks quite stylish and contem- porary, I think.

Maybe it´s because short dresses and the look of it, has a revival in these years. With that I´m wishing all of you a very nice weekend.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Danish Fashion Award, the Fashion Event of the year took place a few weeks ago at Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek in Copenhagen.

Danish Fashion Award was founded 5 years ago by Uffe Buchard and Kim Grenaa, to celebrate and promote Danish fashion industry, since it is the 4. biggest industry in Denmark.

They are also the founders of the fashion magazine DANSK, that just cele- brated it´s 10th Anniversary with an Exhibition at Danish Design Centre.

This year they finally succeeded in making Aqua-singer, Lene Nystrøm a Co-Hostess.

Ten designers/brands were appointed to dress her up for the Event. Among them, three stod out in my opinion.
Unfortunately I only found this photo of  the very nice dress from Design- ers Remix, that looked contemporary.

But a black and white dress by the very talented Ann Sofie Madsen and a futuristic fairytaledress from Trash Couture by Ann Wiberg looked stunning too.

The rest of her dresses were a little bit out of touch: some quite ordinary and not very well fitted, as some of the attending guests. . .

-An Exception was the tv-host, Signe Lindquist, who looked quite stylish and radiant in a vintage-dress from F92.

Another dress I don´t know what to think of was this dress, singer Aura was wearing from Award-winning Henrik Vibskov, .
I guess it´s more a "fashion statement", than anything else. 
What do YOU think ?

Photos: ScanPix

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Grace Jones

Social Media, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Slideshare, VooPod, FlickR, Digg, Delicious. . . Where does it stop ? 
Is there a limit ? What to do ? Do we really need them all ? - and Why ? Why do we need to be all over the internet ? Because we can ?

I have reached a point where I feel like I am loosing my time. Because it is timeconsuming and takes time to maintain and keep up, if you don´t want to repeat yourself everywhere. Preventing you from doing what you really want. . .

Can You imagine what the consequences might be ? 

-Loosing focus and eventually yourself, if you don´t pay attention - could be one.  
It is time to take a break. . . when you get frustrated and don´t recognize who you are anymore, questioning what happened.

Do You know the feeling ? How do you cope ? What are your thoughts ?

Monday, May 14, 2012


-Do we really need them ? Yet another performer has ambitions in fashion. Rihanna is trying to make the most of it. After a few Capsule collections for Armani, she wants to pursue her own Fashion line :

-"I want to design. This is also a road that I want to earn it. So I’m working with designers. Designers that I respect, and companies that I respect. I want people to really trust me before I just say 'Buy it because it's mine."      

Rihanna´s capsule collection from Armani

Excuse me! - but what is her qualifications for doing that ? Does she have a degree in fashion ? Because to be famous and perhaps a brand doesn´t qualify to do fashion collections, in my opinion.
I am thinking exploitation and lack of respect for all fashiondesigners that has a passion for fashion and have used years to qualify, to make their dreams come true.

Like a friend on facebook said:  -"whom does the real job is anonymous. The worst thing is we have to limit our creative potential to submit to personal taste of our employers with no technical knowledge.
Imagine how more interesting fashion would be if it was made only by capable professionals". Ingrid Lima, Fashion Editor at IDsetters. - and I agree.

Maybe designers should consider to start new careers as actors or entertainers. . . instead of sticking to what they are good at.

Read more about Suzy Menkes from Herald Tribune thoughts on the subject  here and tell me what YOU think ?

Friday, May 11, 2012


If you are in a creative field, you may be familiar with this addiction.

Even though I have a lot of fabrics on stock, I always get tempted, when I shop for sewing-stuff and discover new exciting fabrics, ideas immediately pops to my mind. 
Usually it is a nice colour, a special pattern, texture and the quality of the fabric that attracts me. I always buy it, because you never know if it will be there later on.

But - I have plenty of projects to finish before I can start new ones.

At the moment I´m trying to finish four different bridal-projects : a short skirt, a short- and two long dresses. Do you have an addiction ?
Have a great weekend out there.

Monday, May 07, 2012


Jacqueline Bouvier, better known as Jackie Kennedy (1929-1994) was The Style Icon of her time.

She made a lasting impact on fashion, because of her impeccable style-consciousness. Her style was simple and classical, but at the same time very modern. That is maybe why she continues to inspire today.

The "Jackie-look" was created by the French-born American Fashion designer, Oleg Cassini (1913-2006), who was appointed "Secretary of Style" in 1961.

Take a look at some of his dresses on The John F. Kennedy - Presidential Library and Museum.
If you want to know more about Cassini, read his "A Thousand Days of Magic: Dressing Jacqueline Kennedy for the White House".