Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Her Majesty The Queen of Denmark
by Andy Warhol

With much anticipation I finally had a chance to take a look at The Exhibition Royal Gala - Fairytale Couture on the occasion of The Queens 40 years as Sovereign of Denmark .

The Exhibition, that I mentioned in a previous post, was on display at The Chronological Collection of the Danish Kings at Amalienborg in Copenhagen.
A selection of dresses from 4 decades were on display. Most of the dresses were made by couturier Jørgen Bender (1938-1999) in cooperation with the Queen herself.
The Queen´s style is her very own, unkonventional and bold. She is not afraid of colours and that is refreshing. . .

There was a few dresses from Erik Mortensen (1926-98) of Balmain. The Queen have through the years recieved several dresses as gifts from Jørgen Bender and Erik Mortensen at different occasions.

Verner Enquist, the compagnon of Bender, took over when he died and have made a few dresses too.

Their successor was taylor, Mogens Eriksen, who also did quite a few of her dresses.

Uffe Frank, a danish designer in Milan, Italy, designed the dress for the Queens 60th birthday and the Weddingdress of Crownprincess Mary.

Recently taylor Birgitte Thaulow have been the one, who has executed the dresses of the Queen. This process was by the way shown with a small dis- play within the exhibition.

As a professional I was excited to have a closer look at the designs and the execution of the dresses.
But I must admit that I was slightly disappointed about the very traditional display.
Because most of the dresses was only shown from one side, since they were protected behind glass. Except 4 dresses in a montre that you could walk around. Five of the oldest dresses from the 60´ies were even placed several metres away from the viewing point.

Some mirrors here and there would have been nice or some of the dresses
slowly turning around, would have given the visitors a better experience.
Apart from that I was happy to see this exhibition, that is recommendable if you are into tayloring, fashion history and royalty.

But I will definitely look forward to the other exhibition.

Coralred silk taffeta gown by Jørgen Bender 1994

 Black, bold tulle Ballgown for her 60th birthday, by Uffe Frank

Changing midnightblue silk taffeta gown for her 50th birthday,
by Erik Mortensen/Balmain 1990, altered a few times
 with added black lace. Photos: Roberto Fortuna


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