Monday, March 19, 2012


-Is a new very interesting documentary on Channel 4 in Britain, hosted by re- tail guru Mary Portas.

"Britain used to be a manufacturing colossus, renowned for its worldclass clothing industry. But today, most fashion is made cheaply abroad.
In the middle of the worst recession, she believes a window of opportunity has opened to restore some life back to British manufacturing.  Since tran- sport costs and foreign labour costs are rising, Mary Portas wants to reignite the UK clothing industry by starting her own production line to manufacture a key staple in any woman's wardrobe: 100% British made knickers.
Therefore she is heading to Middleton, Greater Manchester, to set up the new production line. Mary wants consumers to understand the value of buying British: skills, UK jobs, pride in our manufacturing heritage".

What a great initiative. I really hope she will succeed in her admirable cause. I think that Denmark as well as Britain have "suffered" more than enough. Because of the growing costs to produce locally is forcing manufactures to move their production east, causing unemployment here.

I hope our politicians have learned that lesson by now, but also have made the manufactures think about their role.
Maybe they need to take a look at this program on Channel 4 and learn about pride and the consequences of their decisions.

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