Tuesday, January 17, 2012


The Royal welcoming commitee 
at the Galataffel at Christianborg Castle.

This past weekend I´ve followed the culmination of all the festivitas around Queen Margrethe of Denmarks 40 th. Jubilee as a Monarch.

I was quite excited to see all the dresses at the different events. I won´t say a word about what I didn´t like, but try to stay positive and show a selection of dresses that in my opinion stod out and were inspiring.

As you can see The Royal family looks like they agreed on different shades of blue in velvet and silkduchesse. Maybe in honour to late King Frederik 9. who died the day before The Queen took over.

Especially I noticed the dress of Princess Benedikte. Very interesting mix of colour, fabric and technic. Notice how the light affects the colour. 
The simple dress of former Queen Anne Marie with a nice bowdetail in the front looked elegant too.

Princess Nathalie of Berleburg, the daughter of Princess Benedikte also stod out in a very nice dress, that would have looked even nicer if the fit had been better.

Most of the guest did an effort to dress up, but only a few stod out. Among them Minister of Finance and Interior, Margrethe Vestager in a very daring choice from Wichmann couture and Line Legarth Stigel, wife of Minister of Education, research and Innovation Morten Østergaard in a beautiful black lacedress.

The day before Danish television/ DR were celebrating The Queen with a nice Event in their Concerthall. Here are the Scandinian Royals arriving.

Photos: Anthon Unger, Marie Hald, ScanPix and Polfoto.

Queen Margrethe in a new nice emerald-green lacegown, most likely designed by herself and made by her personal taylor, Birgitte Thaulow

Queen Silvia of Sweden also looking nice in a pink lace- or brocade-gown.

Queen Sonja of Norway in an old, but remarkable gown from 1991, by the late danish couturier, Erik Mortensen of Balmain.


Vildt skal det være ;-o said...

Funny, I wrote exactly the same, take a look at my blog.

RedderRuby Costume Design said...

I just love the look of our Majesty the Queen and her Prince-husband. Though the dress of Queen Sonja is much more daring and nicely designed, the look gets a bit too close to the look of my adored barbie & ken dolls! Pardonnez-moi!
I think Queen Margrethe and prince Henri look much better, more modern and more majestic as a couple. I just adore it, when men do not dress in black! So thumbs up!