Sunday, November 20, 2011


By Susse Thorseng Lærche

The Craft is indeed needed and not only the Craft of clothing, but it´s crucial that the whole range of old crafts is taken seriously and raised to a research level. It is first then, when we completely master a technic and a craft concretely, we can challenge and expand it and create something new.

I think, that the process of creating is at risk and maybe the only possibility to save the craft in the future, is to make it academic, so that the Industry, the Business sector and the Ministery of teaching will see the crafts justi- fication.

Through the last 22 years, I have been working with the Craft of clothing and I am now working to pass on "the good craft" - "work by hand". 
With my background as a Craftsman of clothes, Independent tailor and a Teacher in clothing at Odense Fagskole, I have in cooperation with the Princi- pal of Odense Fagskole - Karen Maigaard, The Royal Theater, I.W. Hvidberg and the Association of Tailors, developed "Master Class with the focus on craft, quality and fashion", for those who master the craft, to create a basis for passing on knowledge.

Through my work with passing on knowledge of the craft, I have realized that possibilities and wishes for passing on the craft is very poor. 
It is a paradox; if Denmark wants to create recognition through Danish Design, that the quality of "The good Craft" is not going along.

I would like to research and find the right method or model for how the process of creating by hand/the good craft can be emphasized on the same level as the creating process in design and get it back into usage and education.

Written by Susse Thorseng Lærche, November 2011

Friday, November 18, 2011


A few days ago, Joseph Altuzurra was announced as this years winner of The CFDA/Vogue Competition

He was born in Paris, but moved to USA to study art and hisory. He went on an internship at Marc Jacobs,  worked as a freelance design assistant for Proenza Schouler and Nicolas Caito, a french patternmaker in New York City before returning to Paris to work for Givenchy.

Together with the international public relations manager of Givenchy, Coline Choay he finally returned to New York to form his own label in 2008.

He has no formal fashion education and learned the business the hard way. But nevertheless he made it. It just shows that there is always a way. . .
I think The Award is well deserved. Check out my previous post on the subject and Joseph Altuzurra´s website here.

Anna Piaggi. . .

Anna Piaggi by David Downton for Vogue

-Is an Italian fashion editor/writer and style Icon. She has worked for Vanity and Italian Vogue. She is a Collector and fashionmuse for milliner Stephen Jones and an inspiration for designers because of her very unique and eccentric style of dressing as you can see here. . .
The Victoria & Albert Museum even celebrated her sense of style with an exhibition in 2006. I find her very original and refreshing. What do you think ?

Photos: ScanPix

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


During my formal education, we went to London on a study tour. Here you see a few sketches from the collection of five pieces i did on the assign- ment that was to create a small summercollection, inspired by our impres- sions.
I ended up using my very first sketches, inspired by a visit at a Donna Karan shop and some fabric-purchases.

The result turned out like this. The three models in a red and brown organdy tunic with black pants and a black linen-tunic with a red organdy-skirt from our fashionshow.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


This sexy cocktaildress for New Year´s Eve, made of silktaffeta in size 6 / 36 ,is one of a kind and now available. It is underlined with silk-organdy and is just waiting to be adjusted and lined for the right customer.

Photos: John Frantsen


Can be fun, but some times also a challenge. Especially when students aren´t motivated. . . I´ve tried both. Generally i like to teach though. Because usually it is very giving and inspirational.

As a teaching assistant at INDesign, Copenhagen, I was instructor in how to use programs like Photoshop, Pixel paint, Illustrator and CAD/CAM (Pad- system pattern) in the fashion-industry.
Besides that I have planned design exercises and teached construction, sewing technics, draping and fitting at FOF, an Evening School, The Technical School of Odense and The School of Arts and Crafts, Odense.

These layouts I made very fast once while teaching at FOF, as an example of how to present a collection. . . as inspiration for the students.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Nina Hagen

Remember The Godmother of Punk, the eccentric and flamboyant punk/rock/opera singer that for sure has influenced designers and other famous artists of today. . . Do I need to say who ?
When I was young, I was very fascinated by her music and unconventional style. Can you imagine 30 years ago, how provoking and rebellious she seemed.
Nina Hagen is still doing her thing and if you´re curious to learn more, check out YouTube or her web-site here.

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Thursday, November 03, 2011


Photo: Steen Donsby, Model: Trine Bolander

Why limit yourself ? -I mean with the internet there is no limits.

Clients abroad is of course an option! Especially when you live in a small city/country like Denmark, you have to think outside "the box" when you want to succeed.

That is why I´m offering my service to future clients, when I´m travelling  locally, nationally and abroad.

If you can´t find the time, but still want to look the part, without compromising design, fit and quality, don´t hesitate to make an appointment. That is, if you like the idea and what I do.

Currently you have the chance to make an appointment, if you live in San Francisco or Montreal, since I´m staying there during the Holidays.

Feel free to contact me or follow the blog to stay updated. For further information, take a look at the menu.

Photo: Daniel Clément, Exhibition 2010