Sunday, November 13, 2011


Can be fun, but some times also a challenge. Especially when students aren´t motivated. . . I´ve tried both. Generally i like to teach though. Because usually it is very giving and inspirational.

As a teaching assistant at INDesign, Copenhagen, I was instructor in how to use programs like Photoshop, Pixel paint, Illustrator and CAD/CAM (Pad- system pattern) in the fashion-industry.
Besides that I have planned design exercises and teached construction, sewing technics, draping and fitting at FOF, an Evening School, The Technical School of Odense and The School of Arts and Crafts, Odense.

These layouts I made very fast once while teaching at FOF, as an example of how to present a collection. . . as inspiration for the students.

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Ingrid Mida said...

Sharing knowledge is so fulfilling. It sounds like you must be a popular teacher.