Sunday, November 20, 2011


By Susse Thorseng Lærche

The Craft is indeed needed and not only the Craft of clothing, but it´s crucial that the whole range of old crafts is taken seriously and raised to a research level. It is first then, when we completely master a technic and a craft concretely, we can challenge and expand it and create something new.

I think, that the process of creating is at risk and maybe the only possibility to save the craft in the future, is to make it academic, so that the Industry, the Business sector and the Ministery of teaching will see the crafts justification.

Through the last 22 years, I have been working with the Craft of clothing and I am now working to pass on "the good craft" - "work by hand". 
With my background as a Craftsman of clothes, Independent tailor and a Teacher in clothing at Odense Fagskole, I have in cooperation with the Principal of Odense Fagskole - Karen Maigaard, The Royal Theater, I.W. Hvidberg and the Association of Tailors, developed "Master Class with the focus on craft, quality and fashion", for those who master the craft, to create a basis for passing on knowledge.

Through my work with passing on knowledge of the craft, I have realized that possibilities and wishes for passing on the craft is very poor. 
It is a paradox; if Denmark wants to create recognition through Danish Design, that the quality of "The good Craft" is not going along.

I would like to research and find the right method or model for how the process of creating by hand/ the good craft can be emphasized on the same level as the creating process in design and get it back into usage and education.

Written by Susse Thorseng Lærche, November 2011


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Ingrid Mida said...

It seems that many people entering the profession think about the glamour of the fashion industry and forget about the hard work involved. Devotion to the craft of making couture seems to be a dying art.