Thursday, November 03, 2011


Photo: Steen Donsby, Model: Trine Bolander

Why limit yourself ? -I mean with the internet there is no limits.

Clients abroad is of course an option! Especially when you live in a small ci- ty/country like Denmark, you have to think outside "the box" when you want to succeed.

That is why I´m offering my service to future clients, when I´m travelling  lo- cally, nationally and abroad.

If you can´t find the time, but still want to look the part, without compromi- sing design, fit and quality, don´t hesitate to make an appointment. That is, if you like the idea and what you see.

Currently you have the chance to make an appointment, if you live in San Francisco or Montreal, since I´m staying there during the Holidays.

Feel free to contact me or follow the blog to stay updated. For further information, take a look at the menu.

Photo: Daniel Clément, Exhibition 2010