Sunday, February 19, 2012


Part of Haute Couture Exhibition by Erik Mortensen/The House of Balmain, 
1989 at The Museum of Modern Art, Ålborg, Denmark

Curating is often what makes something stand out.

A curator used to be someone who works in the artworld, selecting art-works and arranging exhibitions.
Since then, fashion has become an extensive subject for exhibitions, fashion editors have made their entrance into that world.

But when you think about it, it is already part of stylists, fashion- and interieur designers and editors work.
Because they are able to put cohesive collections together, make homes look stylish, make somebody look their best or put an inviting magazine together by selecting the right stuff, in a way that it gets noticed,

The curators choice is basically about personal taste.
When you work in a creative field you have to be very conscious about style and have the ability to select the right things, put them into a context and present it appealing.
Of course it takes experience and serious effort to do that. . . You have to be talented, conscious of style, to know  about trends and what is going on, to present your work for the right people, to get noticed.

If you are conscious, you may have noticed the way I work for instance.
The lay- out, the subjects I choose to write about and the pictures I choose to display here on my blog, are picked carefully and tells you something about what I like and who I am.

But does it all matter? Are you conscious about style and do you care? How does it affect your life ? I would like to know.

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