Thursday, September 08, 2011


-and Who is next ?
I am so looking forward to see what New York FashionWeek brings on for Spring 2012. The new collections, predictions, where will fashion go, what are the inspirations. . . See the fashionshows live here or there.

That said, I´m also excited to see who the next Contributor for "My Fashion moment" here on my blog, will be. Don´t hold back, just bring it on !

Lately I have had a few add-suggestions from different companies. But I re- fused, because they didn´t fit in. Afterwards I thought why not ? You might as well get some money out of promoting what you really like.
I looked into Google´s AdSense to see what they could offer, but was not attracted. First, because they want exclusivity and I don´t think their layout fits my blog.

I prefer to select the right Sponsors and Advertisers, that I like and that fits my content. It could be everything that is related with fashion, exhibitions, education, lifestyle etc. of a certain quality.

Take a look at my labels or simply ask ! If you have any suggestions, send me a request and we will work something out. My blog is viewed by more than  1000 people from all over the world every month.

Liza Minelli as Sally Bowles and Joel Grey as Emcee, performing "Money makes the world go around" in Cabaret, one of my favourite movies from 1972.

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