Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Mad Men is an award-winning very popular American dramatic tv-series that aired in 2007 and have had a great impact on the fashionworld since then. -Or is it the other way around ?

Mad Men takes place at an advertising agency in the 1960´es; a very inspiratio- nal decade in fashion. . . that continues to influence the designers of today, all over the world. Especially with an ongoing tv-series like that.

And we are not done yet, because a new British drama tv-series The Hour, inspired by the 1950, taking place at BBC television though, will probably maintain the fashion-influence from that period for a some time. . .

In The Fashion File, the book by the costume designer of Mad men, Janie Bryant, you can find more inspiration and advices, if you´re mad about the 1960.

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