Monday, September 05, 2011


Where do they come from ?

A big source of inspiration for fashion-designers is often influenced by cul- tural, economical and political changes in society.

Just think of big events like the crash on Wall Street in 1929, the two world- wars, womans liberation in the 1960´s, 9/11 and the reactions afterwards, that have provoked new fashions.

Designers are catalysts and visionairs, who pick up the mood of the present and make interpretations of what they see.

Culturally, movements like hip hop, music and movies also influences and inspires fashion these days.  But the current recession also makes designers  play it more safe and look back to earlier periods of time for in spirations. Like the 1960´ies and 1970´ies in todays fashion.

But I guess each new generation of designers is doing their take on that. That´s why we often see fashion repeats it self. But of course it will be a new interpretation every time. . . because they are influented by the present also.

Fashion is very intriguing, because it always has and will continue to indicate what was going on in society at a certain period of time.

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